Womens Top Shopping Tips


If you are looking to be active outdoors this season, you’re going to want the right clothing to accommodate your activities. Whether it’s cool nights, hot days, water focused fun or even those pesky cloudy and rainy days, here at we have the right womens tops for you. Here are a few things you may want to consider before selecting your womens tops.


Weather and Waterproofing


If you are looking into participating in an outdoor excursion, you will want to be prepared for whatever the weather conditions will be with the right womens tops. As you well know, you can never trust the weather forecast completely. Therefore, prepared ahead of time with a rain jacket to protect yourself from the elements. This style of womens tops comes with many amenities such as being very waterproof while still remaining breathable, the perfect combination for hiking around in the rain.


Top Styles


When look into womens tops, you should decide what style is best for your needs, either long sleeve, short sleeve, or a tank top. While this decision seems like it should be decided by temperature alone, you may also want to consider protection. While hot, sunny weather may seem to call for a tank top, consider if you want that much skin showing if you will be spend a lot of time in the sun. Sun burnt shoulders are no fun for anyone, so maybe consider womens tops with more coverage to keep your skin safe.




Some womens tops are considered performance tops, meaning that they offer amenities that will help you when you are active. This first of which is moisture wicking abilities. When you’re out in the hot sun, you can start to sweat, and if your womens tops absorb the sweat, they will make you wet and uncomfortable. Moisture wicking takes that sweat and moves it away from your body, keep you dry and comfortable. Along the same path, high performance womens tops tend to have quick drying abilities, so if they do get wet, from internal or external moisture, they will dry quickly so your top won’t weigh you down. Many womens tops also come with UPF protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Just like sunscreen, the higher the UPF rating, the better the top will protect you from the sun. And if you are going to be camping or spending time outdoors with a lot of bugs, there are even womens tops that incorporate a bug shield protectant. This saves you the hassle of using harsh chemical sprays to keep those pesky bugs away.


Be sure to get fully outfitted for summer fun with womens tops. Check out our selection here at and find the right womens tops for your needs.


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