Womens Swimwear Shopping Tips


For many women summer time means one thing, bathing suit shopping. This can be a daunting task for some, there are so many styles of womens swimwear out there. And maybe not every woman is comfortable in a bathing suit, but with a few tips we can help you pick the right womens swimwear for your needs.


Finding Your Size


First things first, you are going to want to determine your size before you buy your womens swimwear. In order to determine your size, you will need a tape measure. Try to measure yourself in your underwear to get the best size, since you obviously won’t be wearing any clothing underneath your womens swimwear. Right off the bat you want to measure your natural waist, which you can find by bending to one side and then measure at the fold. Then you will want to measure your bust at its fullest, and round to the nearest whole number. These measurements will let you know what your exact size is for either a one piece or two piece swimsuit. If you are unsure about exact sizing for different brands of womens swimwear, check out our size charts section here and click on your brand to be sure about what size fits your measurements.




Keep in mind what you will be using your womens swimwear for when you browse around. If you are using it for fashion reasons then there isn’t much to worry about. But, if you are looking to participate in various water sports or other activities, you will want to think about a few things like support. If you will be moving around a lot on your womens swimwear you are going to want some sort of chest support rather than a simple triangle top. Fit is also more important when looking for an active swimsuit. Womens swimwear that is too tight will be unflattering, but if it’s too big you run the risk of it coming off during these activities.


Types of Swimwear


There are many different types of womens swimwear. When choosing one you want to consider your body type and what will look best. For instance if you have a bigger bottom, you may want to look at skirted bottoms to give you more coverage, or for bigger busts find a swimsuit top that has more support but maybe not so much push up. Whether you decide that you want a one piece, a bikini or a tankini, you also may want to consider a pair of womens board shorts to go with your womens swimwear. Board shorts give you extra coverage and are great for water sports.


Womens swimwear should last for a few sunny seasons if taken care of properly. Try to hand washing your womens swimwear and letting it hang dry, a washer and dryer can damage the suits elasticity. Do not let your suit dry in the sun, this can damage the coloring on the suit. If you end up swimming in a pool or the ocean, rinse out your swimwear afterwards because the salt and chlorine can also damage it.


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