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Women's Rash Guard Shopping Tips


So, you’re looking for womens rash guards. Maybe you’ve decided that you need a little extra protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Maybe you want to fend off pesky irritation form water sports. Or maybe you just want that extra coverage at the beach. Whatever your reasoning, we have womens rash guards to fit your needs. Here are a few things to think about before purchasing womens rash guards.




The first thing you want to consider when browsing our selection of womens rash guards is the materials. Top of the line womens rash guards are typically made from lycra, nylon or a blend of both. These materials provide the best protection from rashes but are also very flexible to allow for a full range of movement. Most incorporate some type of 4 way stretch material so the rash guard will stretch horizontally and vertically. And keep in mind that womens rash guards should fit snuggly, but not so tight that it is restricting or uncomfortable.


UV Protection


Next you want to look at the UV protection factor. Womens rash guards are useful in many different ways, but one of the reasons they are optimal for summer fun over a regular shirt is their SPF or UPF factor. SPF stands for sun protection factor; it is the measure that they also use in sunscreen. This rating is usually accompanied by a number, the higher the number the better the womens rash guards will protect you from the sun. The best womens rash guards will have a 50+ rating. And if protecting your skin doesn’t seem that imp0ortant consider the fact that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a rash guard as an effective UV protectant.




There are different styles of womens rash guards. The most common of these styles are the short sleeve womens rash guards. The short sleeve version is a good in between style because it offers you protect on your shoulders and torso, but still allow you to stay cool. If you are looking for more protection or will be in cooler weather, you might want to consider findings womens rash guards with long sleeves. Some womens rash guards even come in tank tops or shorts. Although these styles aren’t the best for sun protection, they do work very well under other clothes to protect against skin irritation.




Womens rash guards also come in two different forms of fit, either looser or tighter. Depending on what you are using your rash guard for will determine which fit is better for you. If you truly need womens rash guards to protect you from rashes, a tight fitting one is going to do a much better job. If you feel as though skin tight rash guards are too constricting and you really just want your rash guard to protect from the sun and give you extra coverage, loose fitting womens rash guards might be the right choice for you.


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