Rave Water Trampolines

Rave Water Trampolines

Rave water trampolines are fun for adults and kids alike offering on the water fun that many only dream of. Available in many sizes and styles to fit many needs and budgets, Rave trampolines are a great addition to your lake toys. Rave was founded in 1996 and began manufacturing water trampolines shortly thereafter in 1997. Rave was the originator of the water trampoline and although they started a humble beginning, you can now expect the best quality, innovation, performance and safety from each Rave water trampoline...Read More


It’s this attention to detail which has made Rave water trampolines the most popular on the market as well as Rave being penned the top in the industry.

Rave’s initial products were their Aqua Jump trampoline and the Sun Kat electric 2-person boat and with Rave’s strong marketing presence these products become quickly popular in the watersports industry. Now, Rave water trampolines are available in many models including their updated Aqua Jump series.

Rave water trampolines come in several sizes, shapes and styles. The original Rave trampoline is the blue and yellow colorway and Rave’s Northwoods edition is a green and tan colorway. You can choose either colors in your Rave water trampoline, although checking with your association if you live in a subdivision is a good idea. Some subdivision associations prefer the green and tan colorway instead of the brighter blue and yellow colorway.

Typical Rave trampoline sizes are 12 foot, 15 foot and 20 foot. Choosing a Rave water trampoline size depends on how much room you have on your lake to accommodate and also how many people will be using the trampoline. Obviously, smaller sized trampolines are best for a smaller amount of people as bigger trampolines are best for greater groups. Please click into the exact Rave water trampoline you are looking at to get the exact specifications on how many people that size trampoline is best for.

All Rave water trampolines are going to offer a full spring set up giving these an actual trampoline feel opposed to water bouncers. Water bouncers are not going to offer the actual trampoline springs and have about as much spring as a mattress. Although bouncers are still fun to jump on, Rave water trampolines are best for those that want a real trampoline feel in the water. Water trampolines with springs are also going to offer much more spring for heavier individuals making them great for adults and kids alike.

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