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Water Trampoline Shopping Tips

So, how do water trampolines work? Water trampolines work just like regular trampolines in the way that they offer a spring laden bounce system. The springs are set safely on the top of the water trampoline with a cover to protect both them and you while bouncing. The trampoline function of the water trampoline works just like a regular trampoline you would use in the backyard. The floating portion of the trampoline is an attached round inflated piece that offers float and rigidity...Read More


How much are water trampolines? - Water trampolines can vary in price quite significantly from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. What you get in different prices is upgraded components but mostly the size of the water trampoline is going to determine its price. Some water trampolines will come with bonus features as well so be sure to know exactly what you need before shopping so you can get the best deal possible.

How to anchor water trampolines? - Water trampolines can be anchored with an anchor, some bungee cords and some rope. You will want to secure anchors where you would like to drop them from the side of the trampoline. Securing the rope the anchor will be dropped with to a bungee which secures to the actual trampoline you will have some give when the waves and water come crashing in. Simply drop the anchors and have a secure water trampoline. Anchor weight is going to vary based on your water trampoline and can be anywhere between 60-200 lbs.

Will I be allowed to have a water trampoline on my lake with no issue? - On most lakes there is no need for special permit or any sort of permissions to have a water trampoline on the lake but it is always advisable to check. Check with your association if you have one or with local wildlife officers.

What if my water trampoline springs a leak? - Most leaks in water trampolines are relatively small and can be easily repaired. If you suspect a leak pull the water trampoline to shore and air it up completely; once aired up you can listen and look for the leak. A great way to find the leak is to get a spray bottle mixed with soapy water. The leak will have pressure coming out of the water trampoline which will be able to be seen in the suds of the soap. Once you find the hole you can patch it either with the patch kit (if included) from the manufacturer or an inexpensive vinyl repair patch.

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