Radar Water Skis

Radar Water Skis

Radar Water Skis is arriving on its 50 year anniversary and they’ve had quite a history of bringing some amazing water skis to the marketplace. But they didn’t stop there. Radar Skis develops and builds water ski boots, ropes, gloves, vests, towable tubes and even Stand Up Paddleboards. But…they don’t even end there. Take into account their Ronix Wakeboards and Wakesurfers and you have just about any water-based sport covered. Needless to say, they love the water...Read More


Radar Skis had their beginning in the late-1960’s on Radar Lake (which also holds the name O’Brien’s Lake) which is about 20 miles east of Seattle. Herb O’Brien, the founder of Radar Skis, chose Radar Lake as the spot where water skiers can come out to play on the water and enjoy honing their skills, perfecting their tricks and embracing the water skiing culture. Radar Skis could use these guests to Radar Lake to help research and develop the next line of water skis. Radar Skis has had quite a history and continues to help lead the pack in all things water.

From pre-built water skiing sets which include gloves, ropes, bindings and more, to individual water skis, scrolling down the Radar Skis page here on provides you with the opportunity to find the right skis and equipment for your next adventure. We have set up refinements on the left side of the page to help you narrow down your search so that you’re getting the product that best matches your style and desired features. For starters, use the water skis refinement to show combo water skis, slalom water skis, water ski ropes or water ski gloves. We’ve also thrown in Radar Skis Kneeboards if you’re looking for those.

Now you’ll be able to choose a deeper refinement. If you’re interested in a water ski based on length or width, you’ll find that with a click of the box you’ll see all the products associated with that refinement.

Another important category for you may be whether the Radar Skis Water Skis are slalom capable. Can you shed a water ski and ride the single ski like a slalom? This may not be important to you or it could be the most important thing on your search for your next pair of skis.

Skill level is also important. If you have water skis on a boat that a lot of people use when they visit then a beginner water ski might be a good choice. If this is your baby and you’re an intermediate, then you can click for all water skis that are designed for the intermediate level. wants to make the buying process as easy as possible for you and we hope that you find the right water ski or water skiing accessory to help enhance your enjoyment on the water.

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