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Combo, Slalom, and Kids Water Skis

Water Ski Shopping Tips - Any water skier will tell you there is more than one type of water skis and each type and style is going to offer differences. Whether these differences come in the water skis performance characteristics, size or whether you get one or two skis these different styles make up for all types of different water skiing and water skiers. Here we are going to briefly cover the different styles of water skis you will find here at

Adult Combo Water Skis - These are going to be the dual water skis which come in a set of two skis. This water ski style is typically the style most all skiers are going to learn with and some continue to ski continually as they progress. With an easy to get in binding system and an easy to get up and carve on design these are ideal for beginners to advanced skiers alike. For those wishing to learn to slalom ski you can purchase a set of combo water skis what will offer a dual binding on one ski. The dual binding on one ski will offer the ability to drop a ski once you are water skiing and learn to slalom ski while moving which is a bit easier.

Slalom Water Skis - Slalom water skis are sold as a single and offer a great water skiing experience for those that are pushing their boundaries. Once skiers master the combo water skis experience it is natural progression to move onto to slalom skis. Slalom water skiing is typically a bit faster paced and will require a bit stiffer binding and lighter, faster ski. The binding being stiffer will offer you more support while skiing and give you more confidence as you carve at high speeds.

Junior Water Skis - Junior water skis are going to be shrunk down versions of the adult skis with similar shapes, technology and materials. You can find kids water skis in combo models, slalom or in trainers.

Junior Trainer Water Skis - Trainer water skis are going to offer an easy to learn set up that will instill confidence in the skier making it fun and rewarding to learn water skiing. Typically a trainer ski will be connected in the front so the water skis can’t split away causing the user to fall. Once the trainer water skis have served the training purpose and the user feels confident you can remove the training set up to have the skis work like a normal set of water skis.

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