Connelly Water Skis

Connelly Water Skis

For over 50 years, Connelly has been making outstanding water skis that everyone loves. Back in 1965 Pat Connelly envisioned having a water ski named “Pat.” In 1965 his dream was realized although slightly different in that the first waterski was named Connelly. Ever since its launch Connelly has been a leader of water ski technology and has developed many features that are found in almost all high performance skis....Read More


In the beginning the Connelly water ski line was pretty simple and just had a few simple no frills models. The construction of these skis were made of with mahogany and cedar on top and wood on the bottom. The first skis were a flat bottom and then advanced later on into tunnel skis. This is when Connelly began a wonderful slogan of making skis that will have you “proud and eager” to get back on the water.

Moving into the 70s Connelly started making Fiberglass skis which are a lighter and stronger material than wood which will give you a quick responding ski. Fiberglass water skis are easier to control the flex pattern. By the mid 70s Connelly featured 2 glass models and then added a compression molded fiberglass trick and jump skis. During the 70s Connelly took the operation from his basement and moved to their current plant in Lynnwood WA.

During the 80s Connelly saw a spike in the Fiberglass water skis and kneeboards. They started becoming popular with tournament skiers and at the US Nationals over half of the competitors were skiing on Connelly.

In the 90s Connelly started producing water skis that are built for the bigger fellow. They even added skis that were designed for kids and women. Also during this time Connelly became the first company to make water skis with a wide tip and tail. The 90s also were the start of CAPT technology which is Connelly Advanced Profile Technology that shapes and curves the top of the water ski to support its flex. Also in the mid 90s CWB board Co. was created to be the wakeboard division of Connelly Skis.

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