Water Ski Ropes

Water Ski Rope Shopping Tips

Water ski ropes can wear out. You will want to inspect your water ski ropes every couple of times you use them and it wouldn't hurt to give them a quick once over each time before going water skiing. The best way to check for problems with water ski ropes is to go over the rope looking for any imperfections. A slight imperfection like a slight tear could cause bigger issues while you are water skiing including a complete tear which will result in a hard fall...Read More


Many wonder why competition water ski ropes are made up of different colors. All the different colors make up separate sections of the ski rope which can be removed to make the rope shorter or longer depending on preference or event. Changing the length of the water ski ropes make them perform differently which comes in handy for slalom skiing. While slalom skiing shortening the length of the ski rope makes it more difficult to go around course buoys as the shortening of the rope brings the skier closer to the boat.

When shopping water ski ropes you will notice many water skiing handles fluctuate in price. Similar to most all sporting equipment there are various levels of performance in water ski ropes which will cause for a great range of prices. The water ski rope and handle set that a professional water skier is going to use is going to be different to the handle and rope that a weekend warrior is going to need. Water ski handles used for recreational purposes are typically injection molded rubber causing a complete seal of the handle which causes these handles to float in the water. Higher performance ski handles will offer a molder rubber outer covering an aluminum bar; often hollow these handles will allow water in and can often sink. The difference in performance with aluminum water ski handles over the molded rubber is a lighter weight design that offers a stiffer feel for more energy transfer while skiing.

Water ski ropes are a standard 70 feet and when you include the handle this extends to 75 feet. Water ski ropes are made of polypropylene and will stretch some from when you first use them. The water ski handles can range from 11-18 inches in length which can be great for different size of skiers and their preference.

For any further questions regarding water ski ropes and handles please contact our customer service via phone, email or on page chat.

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