Water Helmets

Many have the wrong perception when it comes to wearing a helmet during watersports; the common misconception is that water is soft. Well, water is pretty soft for the most part but not when you go crashing into it at a high rate of speed or find that hidden rock or low spot you were warned about. Water helmets are great for wakeboarding, water skiing, kayaking and more. The protection and confidence you will get from wearing a water helmet will offer you all the reasoning you need to wear one every time you hit the water...Read More


Why water helmets are any different than a bike or skateboard helmet - Water helmets are specifically designed to be worn on the water and to be durable enough to withstand impact in the water. Specially designed to offer protection in water these helmets offer breathable and waterproof liners. Being breathable means that water helmets will not become too hot on a summer day while out on the lake. The breathability adds another element of safety into the equation as to not allow you to overheat. Being waterproof may sound like a no brainer and it really is but also offers some more benefits. Being waterproof means never being waterlogged which gives water helmets the ability to be submerged into water and come out without being extra heavy.

Things to remember when buying a water helmet

1. Size properly – Sizing a helmet properly is definitely a big deal. If your water helmet is not sized properly it can have an adverse effect on how it takes impacts and how it sits on your head.

2. Tighten the strap – Water helmets are only going to be able to protect you if they stay on your head. The chin strap is a very important piece of the helmet and having this tightened correctly is very important to the helmets fit and for the helmet to stay on. The strap should be tightened as tight as you can comfortably wear it as long as it is not pinching or choking you. If the strap is too loose the water helmet could easily slide off in a fall.

3. Fit your needs – Most water helmets can be used for different types of water sports even if made specific for one. But as water helmets are typically made for one sport you should purchase the helmet for the sport you do the most often. If you wakeboard every week and only kayak once a year you should buy a wakeboarding helmet and vice versa.

As you now know it is important to get a water specific helmet for those that are doing watersports. You have learned here that water helmets are specifically made for watersports from their liners, style and complete design. Be safe and confident on the water by picking up a water sports helmet in your size today.

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