Water Bouncers

Water Bouncer Shopping Tips

First let’s cover what water bouncers are and what they are not. Water bouncers are similar to water trampolines minus one fairly significant feature; water bouncers are not going to contain springs. There are plusses and minuses to not having springs built into the bouncers. The major minus is a little less bounce that the springs gain the trampolines. This slight less bounce can be looked at as a plus though which we will cover below as we talk about the benefits of water bouncers...Read More


Water bouncers are great for kids!

As water bouncers don’t have quite as much spring and act almost like a bouncy bed you won’t get as much time in the air. This works great for those worried about their kids getting too much air and want a bit safer platform for them to start out on. Water bouncers work great for this as the kids still have great fun bouncing around and parents can worry slightly less as they watch over them.

Water bouncers are lighter than trampolines

The springs are one of the heaviest pieces of equipment on water trampolines. Taking away the springs from water bouncers make them considerably lighter. This makes the bouncers easier to move and will also make the easier to store. With water bouncers you can easily pull them out of the water and even use them as on land bouncers. For storage you can easily deflate your water bouncer and fold it up for easy storage.

Water bouncers being light and easier to fold up make them great travelling companions. As the bouncers are typically all one piece you can easily fold them up if you’re travelling for vacation or simply going to spend the day on the lake.

As you can see there are some solid benefits when shopping water bouncers as compared to their big brother the trampoline. For those looking for an easy set up, easy to use and safe way to get to bouncing on the water we highly recommend water bouncers. Although these are easy to set up we still recommend using a pump to air them up; check the features on the water bouncer you are purchasing to see if a pump is included, if not we stock a great selection at a great price that can be added to your order.

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