Wakesurfer Shopping Tips


Wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding but in many ways is very different. Using a special wakesurfer board the user gets up behind the boat in an attempt to ride the boats wake. These wakesurfers are typically five and a half feet or shorter offering a lot of control. Once under control behind the boat the user drops the rope and rides the wake being created by the boat. Remember to always be safe and use a boat with an inboard motor to ensure there are no props that are going to come into contact with the wakesurfers. Here at we stock a great selection of wakesurfers from the top brands and in a price range everyone can afford. We have added left hand refinements on the page while you shop wakesurfers to make the shopping process easier. Let’s go over how to best use these refinements to shop wakesurfers that you are looking for.


Shop by brand, price or color


Some of the easiest ways to narrow down your selection of wakesurfers is by using the top 3 refinements which are for brand, price and color. Using the brand refinement will show you only wakesurfers by your favorite brand whether that brand is Byerly, Ronix, Liquid Force or any other. The price refinement is great to keep you on budget; if you only have a specific amount of money to spend on a wakesurfer you can select a price range here and only be shown boards in that range. The color refinement is a bit more specific but some users do like to select their wakesurfers by color; this setting will reflect the color that covers the majority of the wakesurfer.


Shop by size and skill range


To search a bit more in depth you can choose certain wakesurfers by their size and skill range With the bottom two refinements you can get a bit more technical choosing either a specific size in a wakesurfer or choosing from intermediate, advanced or an expert skill level. When you select a size in the size refinement the page will refresh and you will be shown only wakesurfers that are currently available in your size. Same with skill range, selecting from one of the skill ranges from beginner to expert will show you only wakesurfers that are available in stock in this category.


As you can see there are some great options to narrow your search while shopping wakesurfers. We offer an extensive Water University if you have any further questions regarding wakesurfers or you can contact our customer service.


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