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Wakesurf Ropes Shopping Tips

- Wakesurfing is a fun and exciting sport that is similar and unlike so many other sports; like surfing you surf the wake but you’re behind a boat and like wakeboarding you’re behind a boat but you end up riding the wake. For wakesurfing you will need different equipment which the obvious is a wakesurfer but also a wakesurf rope. Wakesurf ropes differ from the ropes used for wakeboarding in design and length. When wakesurfing it is very important to use a Wakesurf specific rope and handle...Read More
Here we will go over wakesurf ropes to help you ensure you are getting exactly what you need.
Wakesurf ropes length
Wakesurf ropes are shorter than the ropes used for wakeboarding and the handles are much smaller. The overall length of wakesurf ropes is typically 16 ft which is significantly shorter than wakeboard ropes. A lot of wakesurf ropes will offer sections which can be removed to make the rope shorter or longer at a riders discretion. Removing sections will help individual riders find what’s called the “sweet spot” while wakesurfing which can differ depending on the rider.
Wakesurf handles
The handles on Wakesurf ropes are typically only large enough for one hand or two hands over one another. Some Wakesurf ropes will not offer a traditional handle and the actual handle will be the end of the rope where there will be an area to hold onto. When it comes down to choosing a certain wakesurf rope and handle combination it often comes down to preference whether you want the regular style handle in a smaller size or if you prefer a knotted braided area to hold.
Checking wakesurf ropes for wear and when to replace
Just like any other water sport that requires a rope and handle set the ropes are subject to wear; you will want to regularly check the rope for wear and imperfections. We recommend giving your wakesurf rope a good once over every time you go to use it and a deeper inspection every couple of uses. You will be looking for any frays or areas where the rope looks in rougher shape than another section. If a wakesurf rope is worn and fraying we recommend replacing the rope before wakesurfing.
Hopefully we have helped answer some of the common questions regarding wakesurf ropes and handles. We have learned the average rope length is 16 ft but most have removable sections to change the length from rider to rider. We have learned the handles on these ropes are going to be smaller or not actual handles at all. And we have gone over just how important it is to regularly check your wakesurf ropes for wear and to replace if damaged. If you have any further questions regarding wakesurf ropes please contact our customer service representative via chat, phone or email.
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