Wakeskate Shopping Tips


Wakeskating has garnished a lot of popularity over the last couple of years and is now a household name right next to wakeboarding. You now see almost as many kids out on the lake wakeskating as you do wakeboarding but it’s ok if you are late to the wakeskating game, we will go over it all here. From top to bottom and front to back a wakeskate has been designed to offer great control and performance similar to wakeboarding but with one big difference, wakeskates are not used with bindings. Not being strapped in is what gives wakeskating its special something.


The top of wakeskates


The top where a user would normally strap in is going to be flat on wakeskates. The top will be coated in either a grip tape similar to a skateboard or EVA foam which is a soft and resilient material. Both tops are intended to keep a user comfortably riding either shoeless or with special wakeskating shoes atop the wakeskate. You will notice a curved tip and tail on wakeskates which is a result of the design on the base but does give similar up turned areas to grip like a skateboard.


The bottom of wakeskates


The bottom of a wakeskate differs greatly from one to another but all will be either a wood or composite and made durable for wakeskating. The bases of wakeskates are made to be slick over the water and give a good smooth glide. Some wakeskates will offer a park base which will offer a thicker more resilient bottom meant to take on the consistent abuse of wakeskating park obstacles.


Choosing a wakeskate


To properly choose a wakeskate you will want to ask yourself a few questions. Who is going to be using the wakeskate the most? Where will I be using this wakeskate? What do I want to do with this wakeskate? The answers to all these questions will tell you what type of wakeskates to look at from style, size and skill range. If you know a range of people are going to be using the wakeskate from beginners to advanced riders you will want to get a good all around wakeskate. This is different than if you are the only one using the wakeskate and you will be tearing up the cable park all day.


If you have any additional questions regarding wakeskates from selection to size please either visit the Water University to view articles, guides and videos or contact our customer service.


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