Wakeboard Shopping Tips

Wakeboards come in many styles, sizes, colors and brands so how do you shop exactly what you’re looking for. Here at we make it as easy as possible to shop wakeboards by your specifications and to exactly what you’re looking for. On this page for wakeboards you will see a series of refinement boxes on the left hand side of the page. Within these refinement boxes are interactive selection boxes for a range of different styles, types or brands of wakeboards. With the possibilities of selection of one or more boxes selected you can really search for any wakeboard you are specifically looking for.

Search wakeboards by brand, price or color

Brand, price and color are some of the more widely used selections used for wakeboards so these are going to be on the top of the refinement list. With these refinements you can select a certain brand of wakeboards or select a price range of wakeboard to be shown and even select to be shown only wakeboards that are predominately a certain color. All these selections will point you in the right direction in finding the exact wakeboard you are looking for. With these refinements and others you can select one or more at a time; simply select the first refinement and the page will refresh with that selection and then make a second selection. Use multiple refinements at once to get the exact wakeboard you need!

Search wakeboards by gender and size

These are some pretty easy to use selections for wakeboards; choosing a certain gender or size will get you looking in your specific category. Here you can choose to be shown wakeboards for men, women or kids and also search all the wakeboard available in a certain size. These selections will make it real easy to only shop and be shown wakeboards that are going to fit your direct needs. For help in selecting a wakeboard please see our guides section.

Search wakeboards with bindings included or without

Wakeboards do not always come with bindings already in the package. Some wakeboards are sold flat as decks which the user would put bindings on once purchased. In the “Bindings Included” refinement you can choose yes or no. Select yes to be shown wakeboards with bindings included in the package; select no to be shown only blank wakeboards also referred to as wakeboard decks. The wakeboard packages we stock which come with a wakeboard and bindings cannot be split up and sold separately.

Search wakeboards by skill range, rocker type and edge profile

For the more experienced wakeboarder you can search wakeboards by a few more performance oriented characteristics including skill range, rocker type or edge profile. Don’t mess around with the color and brand refinements and only shop wakeboards with a 3 stage rocker and a custom edge profile.

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