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Wakeboard Accessory Shopping Tips

- In the wakeboard accessories section you will find additional pieces, fins, bolts and an assortment of banshee bungees. Whether you need to replace a lost piece to your wakeboard or if you want to get a banshee bungee for some flatland fun we have all that you will need here in the wakeboard accessories section of More
There are a few refinements offered on the left hand side of the page so you can better sort the wakeboard accessories that are available to shop. You can select a specific brand, price or color. To use the refinements simply select one from the list and the page will refresh to show only wakeboard accessories that fit into the refinement you have set. So if you select a price range of $100-$199 from the price refinement the page will refresh and only show accessories in that price range.
Wakeboard fins
Some riders like to mess around with different fins for their wakeboard. Whether going for a smaller or bigger fin you can fine tune your ride to exactly what you like by trying out different wakeboard fins. If you are replacing a lost fin you can find some selection here to try to get the closest match to what you had originally. We suggest checking your fins to ensure they are tight and secure every couple of times you use your wakeboard.
Banshee bungees
Banshee bungees offer an easy to use and set up system that will give you some momentum on flatland obstacles where you don’t have access to a boat or winch system. Banshee bungees are compact and fairly inexpensive when you think of what you are getting in the package which is the ability to wakeboard or wakeskate nearly anywhere there is water.
Banshee bungees come in a few different sizes from 10 foot to 20 foot. These different sizes will offer different rates at which the bungee will propel you. The 20 foot banshee bungee offers up to 140 feet of stretch and will launch the user up to 35 miles per hour. The 10 foot banshee bungee will offer up to 70 feet of stretch and will launch the rider up to 20 miles per hour.
As you can see there are a few wakeboard accessories to choose from depending what you are looking for. From extra fins, replacement parts and banshee bungees you can find exactly what you’re looking for or find a great gift for the wakeboarder in your life.
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