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Werner Paddles Adjustable Ferrule System



Werner Paddles Adjustable Ferrule System


When you watch the Werner Paddles Adjustable Ferrule System video you’ll see a revolutionary technology that has helped make the sport of kayaking much easier when the conditions and your intentions vary. Whether paddling through the calm flat waters or rushing through the white waters, you’ll want a paddle that meets your needs. Danny Mongno of Werner Paddles breaks down these paddles to show you how they operate and how they can be used to best meet your kayaking needs. Werner Paddles developed a way to meet those needs via its Adjustable Ferrule System. You can change angles with the quick touch of a button utilizing very few moving parts which equals a paddle that is longer lasting. It works simply by pressing the button, pulling the paddle out slightly and then adjusting it to the feather angle you desire. Once you push the paddle back in, you’re ready go. This Adjustable Ferrule System has been so successful that Werner Paddles made it the standard in their kayak paddle line. Keep your performance on the water at peak levels so that you are always at your very best with the Werner Paddles Adjustable Ferrule System. Check out the video for lots more information on the Werner Paddles Adjustable Ferrule System.


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