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Transporting Your Kayak



Transporting Your Kayak


Let’s face it. Getting that kayak from A to B can be a real challenge sometimes. Whether the kayak is too big or your car is too small, fitting a full size kayak inside the car may not always be your option although it’s certainly nice if you can get away with it. Almost all cars though can accommodate a roof rack system and Hobie has designed one to tackle the challenge of transporting your kayak. In this Transporting Your Kayak video you’ll be able to see how easy it is to secure a roof rack to your car as long as you have front and back windows that open. It will be much easier to lift the kayak onto the roof rack if there are two people but if that’s not always an option, you’ll want to be mindful of the weight of the kayak that you’re purchasing and make sure that you can lift it on top of the car. There are also other options with roof racks that makes lifting and securing the kayak to your car if it’s just you heading out. Even a sixty pound kayak shouldn’t be too much trouble. Check out this Transporting Your Kayak video and see how easy it can be to transport and pick up some tips to help get your from home to the cabin or lake safely.


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