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The Fleet of Hobie Kayaks



The Fleet of Hobie Kayaks


Some of the best kayaks out there are designed by Hobie. As you watch this Fleet of Hobie Kayaks video you’ll see all the various kayaks available. Whether you’re a paddler, peddler or sailor, you can bet that Hobie has a kayak designed perfectly for you. Hobie utilizes a Mirage Drive in some of their kayaks which is a peddling system. This Mirage Drive allows you to peddle when you don’t feel like paddling anymore or if you want some added speed when paddling. You’ll be able to use the skeg to help with tracking as you peddle away! You’ll see in the video a few examples of the Hobie kayaks that have this Mirage Drive including a tandem kayak so one person can peddle as the other paddles and steers. You’ll also see various types of storage such as hatches and deck rigging that influence your decision to purchase one kayak over another based on your needs and wants. Many of the Hobie kayaks have lots of storage space to stow away items such as fishing rods and sleeping bags if you’re on an overnight excursion. The Fleet of Hobie Kayaks video is just the tip of the iceberg so once you’re done watching this video, head over to our kayaks page and see what choices are available.


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