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SportsStuff Lulu PVC Towable Video Review


SportsStuff Lulu PVC Towable Video Review


It’s unlike any towable tube you’ve seen before and this SportsStuff Lulu PVC Towable Video will show you all you can accomplish when you start going on the SportsStuff Lulu Towable Tube. SportsStuff has taken the towable tube market and challenged it to beat out this awesome idea. There’s no front or back to this tube, the rope connects to the bottom and allows the rider to spin how they would like. That’s right, Spin! You’ll be able to do a full 360 if you want and take the steering into your own hands. Want to go left? Lean left and guide the tube over the wake. You become the master of the tube and not a victim to where the boat wants to send you. You’ll see all the fun you can have when you watch this video but remember that this is a relatively new style of tubing so take it easy at first. Start off slow and get used to the feel. Once you are more comfortable then start out doing some maneuvers before you really go for it. Put the control in your hands and enjoy every moment on the water with one of the SportsStuff Lulu PVC Towable Tubes!

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