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SportsStuff Lulu 2 Towable Video Review



SportsStuff Lulu 2 Towable Video Review


You and your best friend will enjoy one wild ride on this cool new towable tube. When you watch the SportsStuff Lulu 2 Towable Video you will see you how much fun you can have when riding on this uniquely designed tube. You can do complete spins on this tube since there’s no front or back to this tube. The two of you can work as a team to do the sweetest spins as you fly off the wake. The rope connects to the bottom and allows the rider to spin how they would like so you’ll be able to do a full 360 if you want and take the steering into your own hands. Want to go left? Lean left and guide the tube over the wake. Ride facing each other or facing away or both looking in the same direction and see all the fun maneuvers you can pull off. Since this is a new kind of tube though make sure to start off a little slower than you would prefer so you can get the handling of the tube down. Put the control in your hands and enjoy every moment on the water with the revolutionary new SportsStuff Lulu 1 Towable Tubes!


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