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Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Kayak



Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Kayak


Kayaks are fun to use, I think we can all agree on that, but making your favorite kayak last year after year and holding on to its structural integrity doesn’t have to be a problem and utilizing the proper maintenance and storage for your kayak will make it last a long time. In this Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Kayak video, the folks at Hobie tell us how to keep our kayaks in good shape for years to come. Good news! Kayaks don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, just a little prevention. A simple thing like bringing the seats and paddles indoors instead of resting on the kayak is a great way to keep everything intact. Also, even though your kayak will be in the water, you still should clean it even if it is just using water and a sponge. This will help remove any thing that decided to cling on to your kayak like sand and seaweed. You will also be able to see any dings and scratches that may need fixing. This video has tips on storing your kayak outdoors and how best to keep the color of the kayak as sharp as ever. And finally, toward the end of the Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Kayak video there are some big no-no’s that every kayak owner should be aware of when it comes to storing your kayak.


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