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Proper Kayak Fit and Adjustment



Proper Kayak Fit and Adjustment


What kind of adjustments can you make in your kayak to get the most out of your adventure on the water? In this Proper Kayak Fit and Adjustment you’ll see how minor fits and adjustments all throughout the vessel will provide a more comfortable and efficient kayaking experience. One of the first areas that are talked about is the feet. Some kayaks have molded-in foot rests and others have pegs that can easily be adjusted. In kayaks that have thigh supports you’ll want to have the proper foot position for the maximum amount of comfort. There are quite a few kayaks out there that you may want to outfit with an after-market seat. For whatever reason the seat that comes with the kayak may not be to your liking or comfort level so you’ll want to invest in a seat that may provide better support, or recline, or just be more cushy. If you like the seat that is provided, this video will help show you how to get the best fit for your desired kayaking adventure. This Proper Kayak Fit and Adjustment video is sure to give you a lot of ideas on how best to get the most out of your performance and comfort so that you can enjoy another beautiful day out on the lake.


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