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Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat



Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat


Let’s face it, when it comes to kayaking you want comfort. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the day is or how perfect the conditions are, if you’re sitting in a seat that is making you uncomfortable then you feel like you shouldn’t have even gotten off the couch that morning. Check out this video that explains the Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat and see how comfortable you can be the next time you head to the water. The frame on this 1st Class Seat is made of anodized aluminum so it won’t get damaged in fresh or salt water and isn’t prone to sun damage. The solar screen material on the seat was made to handle the abuse that the sun’s rays can bring down. On the interior of the seating is a 3D mesh with a filament on the inside that is very cushiony which adds comfort while allowing water to pass through. Also, this Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat has tension straps that allow you to adjust and recline the seat for better comfort in your legs and back. There’s a lot more good info in this video regarding kayak seats and comfort so definitely check out the Native Watercraft 1st Class Seat video.


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