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Immersion Research Sprayskirts Video



Immersion Research Sprayskirts Video


Sprayskirts are needed when you’re paddling through the whitewater or rains to help keep your vessel from filling up. Immersion Research sprayskirts offer a lot of variety so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right sprayskirt to help keep the cockpit on your kayak from becoming a dumping ground for water. In this Immersion Research Sprayskirt video you’ll see the importance of having a sprayskirt and the ease of putting them on and securing them to your kayak. The Immersion Research guys show you how to find the right size. A sprayskirt too big will allow water to seep in from underneath while one too small, well, that won’t cover the cockpit so it basically is useless. You’ll be able to see close ups of some of the most popular Immersion Research Sprayskirts and how easily they can fit onto a kayak. You’ll see a variety of ways to utilize the sprayskirt from the ways to ensure it stays on to the ease of releasing the sprayskirt via knee or strap. There are also women’s specific Immersion Research Sprayskirts that have a shorter tunnel with stretch sides. So whether you’re a light touring paddler or like the rough conditions, Immersion Research has a sprayskirt that will accommodate your style of paddling. Take a look at the video and see which ones work best for you.


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