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Immersion Research Drysuits Video



Immersion Research Drysuits Video


Take an interesting stroll on the beach as two men describe what goes into the Immersion Research Drysuits. Why would one need a drysuit though? Well, they are perfect for the four-season paddler who just doesn’t care how cold it is but still wants to head out to wet terrain. But you don’t need to be a mid-winter paddler to get the full benefit of a drysuit; Immersion Research Drysuits can be used for the 1-2 season paddler as well. You’ll see the variety of drysuits available from jackets to pants and how they are best used to conceal water from reaching your skin. These Immersion research Drysuits boasts breathable and waterproof fabrics so that the exterior moisture doesn’t hit you but you also won’t sweat up a storm on the inside. The 2-Layer material has an outer shell that is lightweight and breathable but, most importantly, waterproof. Its interior mesh liner provides breathability and is a great barrier between you and the outer shell. When it comes to being around water and the possibility of sweating, you’ll be happy to know that they are anti-microbial so that odors and microbes won’t linger. Check out this Immersion Research Drysuit Video and see what these drysuits entail to give you comfort and protection.


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