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Hyperlite System Bindings



Hyperlite System Bindings


For a long time, wakeboard bindings had suffered from a lack of comfort and inability to transfer what the rider wanted to do to the board. In this Hyperlite System Bindings video you’ll see how the professionals over at Hyperlite researched and developed a binding that combines comfort and functionality. By moving the skeleton of the bindings to the outside they were able to create bindings that accomplished what every rider had needed to excel at the sport. You’ll hear first hand accounts on the feelings of the professionals when they first stepped into these new System bindings combined with video on what you can do in footwear that has been made specifically wakeboarding. These System bindings helped to perform tricks easier and more comfortably while ensuring that the rider feels as if they have more control. Fit, function and durability in a boot and binding was the goal of creating these System bindings and, once you watch this Hyperlite System Bindings video, you’ll see that they were able to accomplish what they sought out to do.


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