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Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak Video Review



Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak Video Review


The Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak is still considered a recreational kayak but offers a little bigger cockpit but certainly hits all the points when it comes to functionality and comfort. In this Hurricane Santee 116 Kayak Video Review, Trey from Summit Sports breaks down the features that this kayak has. As one of the best kayaks in its class, the Hurricane Santee Sport 116 has a lot to offer the beginner to intermediate rider. This lightweight and durable kayak is easy to maintain and is UV protected which is good because most people tend to use kayaks outdoors when the sun is shining down on the water. You’ll have plenty of storage space on this kayak thanks to its stern hatch and deck rigging. Because of the length of the Hurricane Santee Sport, which is 11.5 feet, the tracking isn’t up to par with some of the other longer kayaks but is designed with a wide hip area that narrows to the bow making up for any loss in tracking due to the length. There’s a lot of stability too so you can head out on the small rivers and lakes and feel completely at ease. The Hurricane Santee Sport Kayaks have been around for quite a few years so you can feel safe and confident that this boat will be a great option when you want to spend a beautiful day on the water.


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