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How to Get Comfortable in your Kayak



How to Get Comfortable in your Kayak


Believe it or not, it’s not always easy to situate yourself inside a kayak and it’s not something you want to learn in the middle of a lake if you tip over and need to get back in quickly. But beyond getting in, which shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s also very important to stay comfortable so you enjoy the day and spend a lot of time on the water and enjoying your kayak. The folks over at Hobie have created this video on how to get comfortable in your kayak. These tips can be done anywhere so if you’re teaching someone and want to use a swimming pool, that’s just as good as a calm lake. There are tips on seat and peddle adjustments as well as rocking the boat so you can understand the stability of the kayak. Make sure that you can access the hatches and other parts of the kayak that you might need to reach while on the water. By watching this video you’ll get tips on how to enter the kayak from the shallow water, from a dock and even deep water where you don’t have the stability of the ground.


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