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High and Low Angle Paddling Styles



High and Low Angle Paddling Styles


Danny Mongno of Werner Paddles is eager to breakdown the differences between low angle and high angle paddling as well as the blade shapes that they offer. First off, the term high angle and low angle correlate to the angle of the shaft in relation to the surface of the water. You’ll see on the video how the blade enters the water in these two different paddling styles and how the angle the shaft is creating on the water. You’ll also see how the hands move while paddling in order to create the most efficient strokes. You’ll see what sizes are the most popular and best for your height range for both low angle and high angle paddling. Most importantly though, you will need to know what your goals are in kayaking. Do you want to paddle casually on the flat waters or take a ride on the white water? For instance, if you’re a relaxed paddler then low angling paddling is what you tend to do and that’s the style of paddle you’ll want to invest in. By watching this video on High and Low Angle Paddling Styles you’ll best be able to figure out what works best for you.


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