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Handling Your Kayak in a Surf Zone



Handling Your Kayak in a Surf Zone


When you’re heading out into the water for another fun day of paddling in your favorite Hobie Kayak, you might decide to head out into the surf. When you want to change things up or you’re just interested in learning how to navigate waters that you don’t seek out, this Handling Your Kayak in a Surf Zone video will help give you the knowledge needed to steer through the surf. The video starts out by saying that kayaking in the surf is a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing but could be uneasy to you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Leave all your fishing gear at home and start off on land to learn how to kayak in the surf zone. This video provides ways to familiarize yourself with the water before heading out into it so you get a better perspective of the wave patterns, direction and possible obstacles such as rocks. With suggestions like paddling toward the wave and gaining momentum are key instructions to make your kayak experience, especially if it’s your first one, more enjoyable. Once you make it out to the surf you’ll want to study the patterns once again to see when it is the optimal time to go. Kayaking in the surf zone is a lot of fun and Hobie does a great job with this video in explaining how best to get out and back. So, take a look at Handling Your Kayak in a Surf Zone and the next time you head out, you can experience the same joys of riding the waves.


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