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Ed Viesturs Medical Kit Essentials: What’s in Ed’s Kit?



Ed Viesturs Medical Kit Essentials: What’s in Ed’s Kit?


Safety is definitely key when taking part in anything from camping to kayaking. Ed Viestur, who has climbed some of the highest mountain peaks, breaks down the essentials for a medical kit when wanting to stay safe. What better person than a man who puts himself into unnecessary danger for fun to learn about survival? The best medical kits are easy to use, organized so you can find what you need quickly, has first aid instructions in case some one is untrained and needs to know how to perform certain tasks and finally, it has to have the medical materials necessary. Ed’s kit is organized based on injury so whether the injury is life threatening or you just have a bad headache or blister, you’ll be able to locate what you need and the directions on how to handle it. He has instructions for working through the various types of injuries that one might encounter whether they are on a mountain peak or in the midst of a natural disaster in their homes and cut off from services. You should always have a reliable medical kit at the ready and Ed Viestur’s Medical Kit Essentials is a great guide to ensure you’re prepared.


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