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Birth of a Hobie Kayak



In the follow up to the Introduction to Hobie Kayaks video, we meet up with our tour guide again as he shows us the beginning parts of how a Hobie Kayak is made. By starting out with their plastic mixture in a bucket, we find out that all the Hobie Kayaks start out this way and continue by being poured into a set of molds. All the plastic in the bucket is color specific so they can create a unique kayak each time around. Each Hobie Kayak that is created and manufactured starts out with their own special molds. They are then placed into a machine that then begins to works its magic and soon will be removed as a nearly ready to use kayak. Hobie Kayaks have helped pave the way to kayaking in the 21st century and they continue to engineer and develop new kayaks for all types of paddlers. So, whether you’re an angler, white-water adventurer or like to leisurely paddle on the flat coastal waters, Hobie Kayaks has a mold in their shop to accommodate your paddling style.


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