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Aquaglide Spitfire 3 Towable Video Review



Aquaglide Spitfire 3 Towable Video Review


While the video will show you how much fun the Spitfires can be! The Aquaglide Spitfire 3 Towable Video is a lot of fun to watch you’ll wish that you could hop onto the Spitfire and join in. What this video shows you is how the Aquaglide Spitfire Tubes can be lots of fun for up to five people or equally as much fun with just one. This Aquaglide Spitfire 3 is the way to go when you have a group of people interested in riding on the boat’s wake together. You’ll be able to get the speeds so that they laugh, scream and hold on tight when you send them sliding across the water. Their hands will be in good shape because the handles are equipped with EVA Guards to reduce any chafing or irritation. Made with heavy duty materials to ensure a strong and reliable ride, the Spitfire 3 can take the abuse of a long summer of use. This tube is very easy and quick to inflate and you can connect it in no time so that you can hit the waters early and often. The Aquaglide Spitfire 3 Towable Video gives you an idea on the how different the Spitfires can be but how much fun they all are!


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