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Aquaglide Reflex 2 Towable Video Review



Aquaglide Reflex 2 Towable Video Review


Watch this Aquaglide Reflex 2 Towable Video and you’ll see how much fun you can have flying across the water. Whether you want to take a leisurely glide across the lake or you tell the driver of the boat to go wild, the Aquaglide Reflex 2 Towable will ensure you have lots of fun on the water. When you watch the video you’ll also be able to see how stable the platform is so that as you fly over the boat’s wake you will have the diminished chances of flipping over. You’ll stay on much longer too! What’s great about the Aquaglide Reflex Towable is that you can ride them two different ways. One way is to sit back and keep your back supported or you can ride it chariot style by connecting the tube on the opposite side and riding on your knees. Both ways are a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy every moment while on the tube. The Aquaglide Reflex Towable is great for all ages. It’s quick to inflate and simple to connect thanks to the Quick Connect system. When you watch the video you’re going to see all that the Aquaglide Reflex Towable has to offer and you’ll be itching to head out onto the lake and going tubing before the video ends.


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