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Aquaglide Blast Bag Video Review



Quite possibly one of the most fun attachments for a trampoline out there, the Aquaglide Blast Bag will send unsuspecting, or even suspecting, kids and adults into the air and having a great time as they fall back to the water. This video shows how the Aquaglide Blast Bag is used as a platform to send friends and family in the air by simply leaping off of the trampoline and onto the edge of the bag. Of course, when it’s not used as a Blast Bag, anyone can hang out and enjoy floating on the air-filled bag just inches above the water. It’s very comfortable to lay on but just be sure there aren’t those around you who want to send you into the drink. The Aquaglide Blast Bag is made of very durable materials so it can handle lots of jumping and playing. The Blast Bags are outfitted with an Interloc System to easily attach to other Aquaglide trampolines and they are treated with a UV Block to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from doing any damage. Just watch the Aquaglide Blast Bag video and see all the fun that you and your family and friends can have this summer.

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