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Towable Tube Inflator Shopping Tips

- Nobody wants to manually inflate a towable tube which is why we stock such a great selection of towable tube inflators. These inflators can easily be the most underrated piece of equipment in your arsenal. There are some differences in these inflators and some special features you may want to be on the lookout for; here we will cover some of the basics of towable tube inflators and what to look for when shopping...Read More
Types of towable tube inflators - There are a couple different styles of tube inflators from the basic manual inflators to electric inflators that save time and energy. Choosing a style of tube inflator is a choice best made based on how often you will be using the pump and how important ease of use and time is to you. Manual pumps are inexpensive and serve the purpose of inflating tubes well but will take some additional time. Electric pumps are incredibly quick and offer an easy to use system that is functional and fast. As you can see there are a few key differences in these pumps which will impact your buying decision; let’s dive just a bit deeper into each style of towable tube inflators.
Manual tube inflators – Manual inflators easily inflate tubes by physically pumping them up via an up and down motion with the handle of the pump. This method works great and does not rely on any outside power source other than you.
Electric tube inflators – For those looking to save time and energy we offer a great selection of electric tube inflators that will either be used with an AC or DC type of outlet. You will want to take a look at the details to see just what style plug the inflator is going to need.
Other towable tube inflator features to look for - Deflate function – Most all electric pumps will offer a deflate option on them which will make storage and pack up easier. Best for those that have to inflate and deflate often and don’t keep their tubes inflated all through the season.
Rechargeable – Some towable tube inflators are rechargeable meaning you can charge them and use them while not hooked up to any outlet. This works great if you want to charge the pump and then just take it with you.
Now that you have all the information on towable tube inflators you will be able to easily make a decision on just the style and type of inflators is going to be best for you. Just keep in mind exactly how often you are going to be using the inflator and which features are most important to you.
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