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Water Trampolines, Water Parks, and Water Bouncers

Water trampolines offer hours of fun on the water for young children to grown adults offering up a new twist on water toys. You’ve seen them on the local lakes and waterways and have noticed several different styles of water trampolines from the small and modest to the large and lavish. Here at we know that there is not one style of water trampoline that is going to offer everything to everyone which is why we stock a grand supply of these trampolines. We will briefly explain the differences between the many water trampolines and hopefully help make sense of our large selection.

Water Parks - Water parks are going to be one of the most fun water trampolines style with much to offer. These models are going to offer more than just a water trampoline and will typically have one or more attachments. These attachments are typically water slides, inflatable balance logs, standing platforms and more. These water parks are some of the larger water trampolines and will offer some of the more impressive designs.

Water Bouncer - Water bouncers offer a nice bouncing experience without having to complicate or weigh down the design with springs. Offering enough bounce for lighter weight kids and adults these models are not going to offer the same amount of bounce as the larger water trampolines which offer a full spring set up. The bounce platform on water bouncers are attached directly to the float portion and are easy to set up and move.

Water Trampolines - These are going to be the actual water trampolines complete with springs. These trampolines will offer the most bounce thanks to the traditional trampoline spring system. These water trampolines are going to be the more pricey models but will offer a great experience for both children as well as adults. The springs not only make for a better bounce but they also make the entire system a bit more secure and stable giving way to higher weight limits.

Water Trampoline inflators and accessories - Have a water trampoline but can’t find your inflator? No big deal, we stock a great selection of inflators for water trampolines that get the job done quick and easy. We definitely recommend the use of an inflator, these things are pretty big! Water trampoline accessories range from buoys, ladders and other add ons that will make your trampoline complete.

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