Water Trampoline Inflator Shopping Tips

If you are the one setting up the water trampoline you know that the inflator is the most important piece of equipment. Blowing up a water trampoline would be near impossible to do manually and would take a fairly long time. With the investment into a good water trampoline inflator you can confidently and easily inflate your trampoline in no time and with little effort. Water trampoline inflators are not too costly and fairly easy to shop but here we will go over a few commonly asked questions and things you should know when shopping...Read More


Adaptable, interchangeable and ready to air up all your inflatable toys

Water trampoline inflators do more than just airing up your trampoline. These inflators will offer a handful of adaptors to fit all your inflatable’s from pool floats, beach balls and of course water trampolines. These adaptors attach easily to the end of the inflators without the use of tools and can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Car or wall outlet– Choose your power source

Depending on your preference you can get water trampoline inflators that will charge in your car via the 12 Volt power outlet which is typically referred to as the cigarette lighter. You can also get water trampoline inflators in the typical 120 Volt which is the power outlet commonly found in homes and garages. No matter the choice of charge these inflators can typically be taken away from the power source once they are charged so not to be on a leash when you are trying to inflate your water trampoline.

Water trampoline inflators that can also deflate

Depending on how often you plan on inflating and deflating your trampoline you may want to look for a water trampoline inflator that also works as a deflator. The deflator setting on an inflator will suck the air out while hooked up to the trampoline which will get the air to exit faster while suctioning more air out than would normally come out of the trampoline. When shopping water trampoline inflators look at the specs and in the description to see if the inflator also works as a deflator.

So there you have it, a quick and easy overview of water trampoline inflators and some answers to common questions. If you own a water trampoline you will be doing yourself a big favor by picking up a quick and easy to use inflator. To make sure you are getting exactly what you need pay special attention to the water trampoline inflators description and specs where you will find out all the information on the model you are looking at.

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