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Water Trampoline Attachments Shopping Tips

Water trampolines are fun but adding attachments to them is also becoming more and more fun. As the water trampoline attachments built get bigger, better and more exciting it’s becoming more and more common to see trampolines with at least a couple of attachments coming off of them. With so many water trampoline attachments to choose from how will you select which one to attach to your trampoline? Read More


Here we will cover some of the most common water trampoline attachments to help you in your decision of picking out 1, 2, 3 or maybe even more attachments for your trampoline.

The Slide - The slide is the quintessential water trampoline accessory and is going to offer great fun and good times for users of all ages. The slide attaches to the side of the water trampoline and is secured to give the user a confident and sturdy area to prepare and then slide down. These water trampoline attachments come in many sizes and different styles so you can choose based on your favorite type of slide. Slides can be measured as small, medium, large and sometimes measured in feet so be sure to check the products details for full dimensions.

The Log - The log may seem like one of the more basic water trampoline attachments but there are several great games to be played on these logs. The log is basically an inflated balance beam coming off the side of the water trampoline; these logs go on easy and are instantly usable. Coming in different sizes you can get these logs fit for your needs and decide on size based on if kids or adults will be using the attachment.

The Launch - The launch, as far as water trampoline attachments go, is a great time and requires at least two users. One participant sits on the end of the launch causing the air to displace while the other user jumps on the now over inflated portion launching the person sitting into the air. The launch attachment is easy to set up and makes for a great group activity. Most water trampoline attachments don’t require much but the launch requires at least 10 feet of water depth.

Boarding Platforms and Runways - Great for preparation and getting onto the water trampoline these platforms work great and offer a safe place for kids and adults to hang out. Additional uses for these platforms are sunbathing, supervising trampoline users or simply taking a break from bouncing. Although this is one of the tamer water trampoline attachments many users boast this is one of the more used attachments as it is so versatile.

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