Connelly Towable Tubes

Connelly Towable Tubes

For over 50 years, Connelly Skis have been at the forefront of the watersports industry. It all started with a man named Patrick Connelly who moved from his home in Chicago to Washington in order to pursue his passion for water and snow skiing. He started out repairing snow skis but, like most businesses, started creating skis out of his garage. Connelly Skis soon became a worldwide and world-renowned brand. With innovative designs and performance-driven products, Connelly boosted their product lines to include vests, gloves, stand up paddleboards, kneeboards and more!..Read More


That “more” includes Connelly Towable Tubes. There are a variety of Connelly Tube designs worth checking out. Everything from lying flat on the tube and hanging on as the boat drags you along the lake to the ones that allow you sit-on-top for a more leisurely yet still tons of fun approach to tubing are available.

The designs are truly astounding. Connelly outfits their towable tubes with the highest quality materials so that they last through multiple seasons and can withstand the harsh summer sun as well as constant abuse that gliding on the water can dish out.

On top of that, Connelly also has lots of comforts on their towable tubes. You’ll find EVA pads for elbows and shin so that you have a more comfortable ride and knuckle guards which eases any chafing that may occur.

Connelly Tubes are super easy and quick to inflate or deflate so when it’s time to call it a day or it’s the end of the season, you’ll have your Connelly Towable Tube deflated in no time. When the kids are eager to ride, you’ll have the tube ready to go quickly.

Whether you want a towable tube for one rider or three riders, Connelly Towable Tubes will have the perfect one that you can have attached to your boat quickly and ready to go. Check out all the styles and plan to have a wild and fun summer.

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