Towable Tube Ropes

Towable Tube Rope Shopping Tips

Towable tube ropes are specially designed to be used to pull tubers behind your boat safely and securely. When towing a towable tube you want to make sure you use a towable tube rope and not a wakeboard or water skiing rope. Towable tube ropes are specially designed for tubing and will offer less stretch and higher break strength than water ski and wakeboard ropes. Towable tube ropes also offer loops at both ends for an easy to attach system and should never be tied to the tube or to the boat...Read More


The correct size for a tube rope is between 50-60 feet and should never go over 65 feet. Although tube ropes are not stretchy by any means you can expect a bit of stretch in them from the first time you use them as they break in slightly.

Different amount of riders, different style of towable tube rope - Just as there are several styles and sizes of towable tubes there are different types of towable tube ropes as well. Whether towing 1 person, 2 people, or more there are different types of towable tube ropes for all these purposes. The amount of riders a tube is set up for needs to be directly matched with the style of towable tube rope it is used with. This means if you have a three person towable you will need a 3 person towable tube rope to match up with it. This is very important as each tube rope for each specific number of riders has a specified weight of riders that it will accept and rope tensile strength based on the amount of riders.

Other things to look for in towable tube ropes - Float – Most tube ropes offer this but in some more inexpensive models this may not be included. A float is simply a piece of material (typically PVC or foam) added to the tube rope that makes it float in the water when dropped. This is helpful so you don’t lose sight of the rope and if it gets detached for any reason it can be easily found. The floats also aid in keeping the tube rope from sinking down and hitting the boats propeller.

Bright colors – This is by design and not just to be fashionable or look cool. The brighter the ropes the easier it is going to be for others on the water to see. You will notice most all tube ropes offer one bright color or a mesh of a couple of bright colors.

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