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SUP Fin Buying Guide


Types of SUP Fins


SUP Fins


Fins allow the board to track straight and add stability


Single Fins


Single fins are the most common and you can find them on most All-around/Touring boards. A large single fin slides into the center fin box and is tightened with a nut and screw. The fin box should allow for forward and rear movement to adjust the fin placement.


  • The closer the fin is to the tail of the board the better it is for tracking

  • The more forward the fin is, the better it is for turning and surfing.


Thruster or 3 Fin Set-up


This set up is most popular on surf style SUPs. It is a three fin configuration with one fin in the center fin box and two fins on either side. The center fin can be the same size or larger than the other two fins (the larger the fin the more traction and control). This set-up is ideal for maneuverability and stability. This set up will perform well under most conditions.


Quad Fin Set-up


This four fin set-up is is configured for surfing. It generates speed and forward momentum to turn fast and respond quickly in the surf. This type of set-up is usually only available on advanced surf style SUPs, is great at tracking, and creates an edgy feel.


Race Fins


Made to help boards 14 ft+ track easier in large waves or rolling swell, these fins are often straighter and more stiff and are best for downwind runs.


Fins for Inflatable SUPs


There are two fin set-ups for inflatable boards, the first being flexible rubber fins that are fixed to the board the second being semi-rigid fins that can be removed from the board for storage.

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