Sunglasses Shopping Tips

- Shopping sunglasses? You’ve come to the right place. Here at we stock a great selection of sunglasses for men, women and children which are available from all your favorite brands. Some of the top brands of sunglasses we stock are Revo, Oakley, Smith, Electric, and Dragon with many more to choose from. No matter the water sport you are taking part in there is one thing that most all water sports share in common and that is the sun that will be beating down on you...Read More

To make it easier to shop sunglasses we have added several refinements which can be found on the left side of the page. These refinements are formatted in boxes where you can select an option in the box and the page will refresh to show you only the sunglasses you want in your selection. Below we will cover the refinements and explain how each one can help you in your search for sunglasses.

Shop sunglasses by brand

The first refinement will be the brand refinement where you can choose to only shop a certain brand of sunglasses. The list of brands will be in alphabetic order and you can choose one simply by clicking it. So if you wish to only shop Oakley sunglasses just click Oakley in the brand refinement and the page will refresh to show only Oakley brand sunglasses.

Shop sunglasses by color

Under the color refinement you will see a color palette with several colors to choose from. Clicking any one of the colors in the color palette will refresh the page and only show sunglasses that are predominately the color you’ve chosen.

Shop sunglasses by price

This is one of the greatest used refinements as this will narrow down the entire selection of sunglasses to just the price range you wish to stay in. Selecting any one of the price ranges under the price refinement will refresh the page and only show sunglasses that fit into the price range you have chosen.

Shop sunglasses by frame shape

Under the frame shape refinement you will see a bunch of different frame shapes from aviator, butterfly, oval, rectangle and more. Not everyone likes the same style or shape of sunglasses so in this refinement you can really narrow down the selection to be shown only sunglasses in the shape or style you are looking for. This is also a great way to shop for a gift when all you know is the shape the user likes.

Shop sunglasses by frame material

Shop sunglasses by frame material Some like plastic framed sunglasses and others swear by metal. Select either here and be shown only sunglasses made using the frame material you prefer.

Shop sunglasses with or without polarized lenses

This refinement is a simple yes or no selection. Choosing yes will show you all the sunglasses we currently have in stock that offer polarized lenses. Choosing no will show you standard non polarized lenses.

You can use multiple refinements at once when shopping sunglasses. Simply make your first selection and wait for the page to refresh. Once the page refreshes after your first refinement you can select a second refinement. So you could choose Oakley in the brand refinement, wait for the page to refresh and then select oval frame shape. Now you will be seeing oval frame shaped Oakley sunglasses only.

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