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Wakeboard Sizing


Sizing a wakeboard can be an easy task if you do a little bit of research before hand. When you first start to wakeboard you will be able to size relatively easily by weight and board length which is good because board size is crucial as you start this sport.


How to Size a Wakeboard


wakeboard does not care how tall you are, similar to skis or snowboards a wakeboard is sized on weight. You could be 6 foot tall and 180 pounds or 5 foot tall and 180 pounds, the wakeboard size is going to be the same. Please see the chart below to match your weight with the wakeboard size best suited for you. This wakeboard sizing chart is meant for beginner riders and will work great for those just getting into the sport; as you advance you may stray from the chart for a board a bit taller or shorter based on personal preference.

Wakeboard Size Chart


Why It’s Important to Get the Right Size Wakeboard


It is very important to size a wakeboard correctly for a few reasons. A wakeboard sized too big will be heavy and harder to maneuver while a wakeboard that is too small will sink in the water giving you a feeling of instability. As a beginner it may feel better to get out of the water and actually ride on a longer board, but to actually have good control and fun once up it is imperative to get the correct size. The most common wakeboard size ranges between 135 to139 so if you're looking for a board for a family or group of friends to share this would be the range to look between. Sharing a wakeboard is great for a family or for beginners but as you progress you should look to get a board 100% specific to you, your size, and your ability level.




Going Too Big With Wakeboard Size


A longer wakeboard is going to offer a bit more stability initially getting into the water as it offers more surface area beneath it. This acts as a platform and can build confidence at first while offering a smoother landing for jumps. A longer board is also going to carry more speed, so, why not just always go with a longer board? The added length is also going to add a lot of extra weight and loss of mobility in the air for spins and other tricks.


Going Too Small With Wakeboard Size


If you go with a shorter wakeboard you will be rewarded in the air with more mobility for tricks and spins. A shorter wakeboard does have a few downfalls including it being slower, and in landings you have less control as you are hitting the water harder causing the board to dig into the water. Typically shorter boards are used by skilled riders that can make up for the downfalls this size of board offers.


You are a Wakeboard Sizing Expert!


Now you have the knowledge to perform the task at hand! And when a friend asks for help sizing a wakeboard you can be the best help possible while coming off pretty smart. If you have any further questions on sizing a wakeboard not covered in this guide please view the informative video below or contact our customer service.


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