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Sizing Guide for Seals Spray Skirts



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Selecting a spray skirt or cockpit cover that fits your kayak can get complicated when you factor in all of the different kayak models that are available. Adding to the complexity is the number of different spray skirts and covers available and how they are sized. To simplify the process when selecting a spray skirt or cover from Seals Skirts, you can utilize the sizing tool provided below.


For specific spray skirt and cockpit cover sizing information for Seals Skirts, please click the link below and complete the following steps:


1.) Select the Manufacturer of your kayak.


2.) Select the Model of your kayak.


Upon completing these steps, your spray skirt results will be provided for both a neoprene and nylon sprayskirt. The sizing of your appropriate cockpit cover will coincide with this size as well.


Seals Skirt Sizing Guide

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