Stohlquist Kayak Life Jackets

Stohlquist Kayak Life Jackets

You’ve invested in a comfortable seat for your kayak that allows you to set yourself in a desired position for maximum comfort but an hour into paddling you’re shifting and moving around trying to find an optimal spot. Maybe that’s because you’re not wearing a Stohlquist Kayak Life Jacket. There are many benefits to wearing a Stohlquist Life Jacket but most of all, they’re specifically designed for the kayaker and sit higher. Because paddling requires more mobility than a regular life jacket you would use when wakeboarding or water skiing, Stohlquist has designed their life jackets for kayaking to provide you with comfort...Read More


Stohlquist also has many designs to their kayak life vests to accommodate men and women, anglers and day-long cruisers and even the recreational paddler and whitewater enthusiast. You’ll find that these life jackets have a variety of pockets to ensure that you have plenty of storage space for the smaller items you want nearby and are built with different features for comfort and mobility. They can even be used for the stand up paddle boarder. For instance, the Contour Inflatable PFD fits around the waist and has the option of inflating at the tug of a handle.

Stohlquist is an innovative company with over thirty years of product development behind them. Their products are built and designed by people who love to kayak and spend time in the water. The founder, Jim Stohlquist, is still behind the company and helps steer it with his leadership, vision and guidance. He still maintains his passion for paddling and sailing and ensures that the company that holds his name is consistently creating the most comfortable and safe life jackets, apparel and more to accommodate the versatile kayaker.

As you look on for the perfect Stohlquist Kayak Life Jacket to complement your needs, make sure to utilize the refinements on the left side of the page. These refinements are designed to help narrow down your search so you can purchase the right life jacket for you. You can click on brands if you’re loyal to a particular company such as Stohlquist and even click on a price range if you’re on a budget.

Other refinements such as size and color can help hone in on the Stohlquist Life Jacket that matches your body type and preference for design. Once you find your new comfortable life jacket on then you’re good to go. So, head out to the water and start on your next kayaking adventure.

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