Paddling Life Vests

Paddling life jackets offer some very different features than standard life jackets and offer a different fit and style as well. Paddling requires more movement from your upper body and wearing a standard life jacket will cause discomfort and get in the way of your natural movement needed to kayak, canoe or SUP. Companies took notice of the growing need for a paddling specific life jacket and for years we've had many choices from different brands that will offer a specified fit and design made for kayaking, canoeing or stand up paddling. ..Read More


So what is different from as standard jacket to a paddling life jacket? Below we will cover some of the main differences found between standard and paddle specific life jackets.

Paddling life jackets are all about mobility by giving you designs that offer a great range of motion so you can easily paddle your kayak, canoe or SUP with ease. Standard life jackets are not made to have the mobility of paddling jackets and will not offer as much of a free range of motion causing the user to feel constricted. Paddling life jackets will hold most their buoyancy in the bottom giving you almost backpack style straps on the top which are much more comfortable and easier to move around with.

Paddling life jackets are going to offer a more ventilated design to be more breathable letting moisture escape your body when necessary. Typically those that are using paddling life jackets are working a bit harder than others wearing standard jackets whether tubing or simply out on the lake. Paddling a canoe, kayak or SUP can be hard work and you can work up a sweat in some instances which makes the breathability of these jackets that much more crucial. On a day long paddle though having moisture build up can be very uncomfortable so selecting a good breathable paddling life jacket is very important.

Unlike standard life jackets the jackets for paddling offer a great amount of pockets and storage. Typically you need a few more supplies when kayaking so having pockets built right into the vest can work out great. Depending on the vest there are water tight pockets and valuable pockets that will be hard cased and more protective. Not all paddling life jackets are going to offer the same style pockets so be sure to check out the products description and information.

Obviously paddling life jackets are different than standard lifejackets and will offer more features and a different style fit. For anyone stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or canoeing we highly recommend a paddling life jacket.

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