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Whether paddling a kayak, SUP or canoe there is one thing that all paddlers should have in common and that is not wearing cotton. What you wear while paddling is important which is why you may be surprised at how much of a selection of paddling apparel we stock. There are many different situations that paddlers can be put in or put themselves in whether it is a sunny day mid 80’s and not a cloud in the sky to an unexpected downpour while you’re only halfway across the lake. For all types of paddlers and situations is why we stock so many choices in paddling apparel...Read More


from lightweight shorts and shirts for the sunny days to full dry suits fit for most all weather.

Paddling apparel will offer a lightweight and quick to dry material which is the complete opposite of cotton. Cotton gets wet easily and will not dry quickly at all. If paddling in colder weather we suggest taking a look at the drysuits and other paddling apparel which will offer waterproof features to keep you warm by keeping water out.

Shopping paddling apparel by sub-category

Underneath the paddling apparel category you will see a couple of sub-categories including paddling jackets, paddling pants, paddling shorts, thermal layering, drysuits, paddling shoes and paddling gloves. Clicking into any one of these categories will show you only paddling apparel that is in that category. Once you click into any sub-category you will see a series of left hand refinements which will change based on the sub-category you are in. We will talk more about these refinements below.

Shopping paddling apparel using refinements

At the left of the page you will see a series of refinement boxes which will offer actionable items you can click within them. These boxes will offer refinements for the entire section ranging from brand, gender and price to color and size so you can really drill down to exactly what you are looking for. Selecting a certain refinement for paddling apparel will refresh the page based on your selection. Choosing NRS in the brand refinement will refresh the page to show only NRS brand paddling apparel.

You can use multiple refinements at once as well; simply choose one and wait for the page to refresh and once refreshed make your second selection. For example if you’ve chosen NRS as a brand but now only want to show apparel in the price range of $50-$99 you can select that price range in the price refinement and the page will refresh to show all NRS products made by NRS that are in the $50-$99 price range.

Hopefully all the sub-categories and refinements will help you in your search for the perfect paddling apparel. For any additional questions please contact our customer service by live chat or by calling us at (888) 271-7500

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