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Werner Paddles offer a great feel and performance for kayaking. Built by a family of paddlers, you can rest assured your Werner kayak paddle is going to take you to the most beautiful settings. With a lightweight feel and a durable design, each Werner paddle is handcrafted to give you the best performance and feel for many, many times out on your favorite bodies of water.

Werner Paddle
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Werner’s adjustable ferrule system offers great ability to fine tune your kayak paddle to the exact specifications that work best for you. The internal gear system gives kayakers a precise fit and a viewing window on the Werner paddle makes it easy to see your adjustment. With a low profile button you get the feel of a one piece paddle with the benefits of a two piece paddle.

Straight or Bent Paddles

Many Werner kayaking paddles are available as straight or bent shaft. Straight shaft paddles are straight throughout the entire paddle, bent shaft paddles have a slight bend in the paddle. Straight shaft Werner paddles offer a traditional shape and continuous length for easy hand movement. Bent shaft Werner paddles naturally align wrists to reduce fatigue and are balanced for precise control and comfort.

Werner Paddle Size
Wener Shaft Size

Werner kayak paddles are often available in a standard shaft size or a small shaft size. This indicates the overall diameter of the shaft. Standard shaft Werner paddles work great for most all hand sizes and will be the same diameter as most paddles on the market. Small shaft Werner paddles are great for paddlers with smaller hands. Choosing the correct diameter in a paddle will ensure you have the best grip possible while out on the water. For hands larger than 7” the standard shaft works great. For hands smaller than 6.5” the small shaft works great and for hands between 6.5” and 7” you can try both!

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